Wednesday, October 26, 2011

olive green in san francisco

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i took a trip to SF a few weekends ago. all i have to say is that i absolutely l-o-v-e this city!! i'll get into the details next time :)

when packing i always want to make sure that i have EVERYTHING i need for the trip. makeup, sunglasses, belts, purses, jewelry, shoes, nail name it!

since this was a short trip i tried to pack extra light and was able to fit everything in a lesportsac duffle bag!! my 'must items' to take with me were my flats since i knew i was going to do a lot of walking. so for this trip i made sure to pack my outfits around my orange and ivory flats and olive green seemed to be the color match. 

how do you pack outfits for your trips?


  1. I pack my face masks!! my puffy face after tiresome flights/car traveling/walking require 'em! :) And of course, comfy leggings are a MUST ;)

  2. I always pack too light and end up needing to shop for more clothes.

    Love your jacket! I need to get one. It's getting chilly.

  3. i love anything army green! you look gorgeous. i was just in sf a few weeks ago - isn't that view incredible!?

    thanks for checking out thefashionhash!



  4. I love your lace top. Who's the designer?

  5. I love your lace top. Who's the designer?