Tuesday, November 8, 2011

i've got the blues

sweater-banana republic|necklace-banana republic|cargos-rich&skinny|bag-chanel|sunglasses-céline 

my outfit was very plain this day so to jazz it up i wore 2 statement neck pieces...a necklace to add a bit of glam and a scarf that kept me warm and to add some pattern to my boring outfit. 

you may think the necklace is pointless if it's going to be covered up, right? but you never know when you'll take the scarf off! so just in case, you should always have a statement necklace on even if it's hiding underneath your scarf ;) 

because my outfit was plain this day i went for a more chunky embellished necklace and a patterned scarf, but if your wearing a sweater that has patterns i suggest you stick to a simple necklace and a one-toned scarf. 

tip of the day: when wearing a scarf don't let it be your only statement neck piece. don't be afraid to double up!!


  1. Yay! Your scarves are made their debut. Hello Autumn, so nice of you to join us.

  2. Gorgeous! I am just coming into proper Spring, so it's lovely to see some outfits from across the world! I adore your bag xx

  3. Are there any do's and don'ts when it comes to statement necklaces and necklines? I'm always wondering which necklace (short, long, thin, chunky, delicate) to wear with the different necklines (scoop, v, turtleneck, crew, etc).

  4. @cb: there will be more scarf appearances. stay tuned!
    @hannah: thanks hannah
    @mindy:i'll have a post on 'how to' put together statement necklaces with different necklines!