Thursday, December 1, 2011

fashion rule

shirt- bb dakota (similar here & here)|tank-vince|leggings-theory (get here)|sunglasses-super|bag-ysl

i've always had this fashion rule where i don't expose my derrière unless the pants i'm wearing have back pockets. i just feel too exposed back there if i don't have pockets! so, when i'm wearing leggings you'll NEVER find me wearing a top that isn't long enough for a cover up. 
this day my bb dakota shirt definitely fulfilled it's duty!  

 what are your fashion rules? im curious. 


  1. I feel the same way! Back pockets are key especially with jeans because they can really lift up your butt. Harold's fashion rule is "Don't mix black and brown" and mine is "Never wear anything that looks to small on you". I can't stand seeing girls wear things that aren't flattering on their bodies. Muffin tops are a big big fat NO-NO!

  2. By the way, I love the red brick background! Really brings out the color of your clothes. :)

  3. I dislike peek-a-boo bras... Seems tacky especially if the bra is in a bright color or pattern.

  4. @CC i think in one of my posts i did a black and brown. :P i guess it depends how you mix them up?

  5. I thought the big fashion no no is mixing blue with black??? But sometimes, depending on the shade... I likey.

  6. Your jacket and boots are fabulous dear! xx


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