Friday, December 2, 2011

lust vs must // eyeshadow palette

some of you are probably still trying to get your hands on urban decay's NAKED palette. well...guess what?! add NAKED2 palette onto your list! 
it made it's debut yesterday on urban decay's website and it's already SOLD OUT! so, your going to have to get on their waiting list. it's like the herm├Ęs birkin of eyeshadows!

well...i know i won't be able to get my hands on this for awhile so i've found an alternative...sephora's moonshadow 'in the nude'. just like the NAKED2 palette it has a lot of taupe and natural browns.  it comes with 10 shadows (2 shadows less than the NAKED2 palette) and it's only $28! almost half the price of the NAKED2 palette which is a whopping $50!
 what i like most about the moonshadow palette is that the eyeshadows are baked. so they are high in pigment which gives a micro shimmer effect, good for blending and it can be used wet for an eyeliner effect.

if you're on the waiting list for the NAKED2 palette...GOOD LUCK! but, if you get impatient i highly recommend sephora's moonshadow 'in the nude'.

 p.s. if you like more of the deep, dark colors they also have sephora's moonshadow 'in the dark'



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  2. teach us how to apply them too! ;)

  3. never tried sephora eyeshadows... will be sure to try this palette out! thanks for the reco.

  4. @pretty gossip def try it out! what i liked most about this palette is...of course the colors, but i liked how i could control how much color goes on.

  5. i'm such a product junkie. definitely checking these palettes out!