Wednesday, December 7, 2011

oversized sweater: part ii

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apologies on the major delay on a new post! i accidentally deleted ALL my photos on my memory card and had nothing to work with!!!!!!! i probably had about over a thousand photos that i've accumulated over the year and in a split second it was ALL gone! i didn't think it was possible to get my photos back, but i thought it was worth a try. so i googled, "how to restore accidentally deleted photos on memory card" and there were tons of results. long story short....i was able to restore all my pictures!! even the pictures i purposely deleted all appeared (kinda freaky)! so if you ever accidentally delete your photos you CAN get them back!!
now going back on track....
AGAIN...i can't get enough of oversized sweaters. something about it makes me feel cozier than a non-oversized sweater. i guess it's the extra room :) it gives this feeling of being wrapped in a blanket!
 well...since the sweater is oversized the sleeves were a bit too long so i cuffed them. for my jeans, i usually tuck them inside my boots, but i decided to cuff them as well to give it a more casual look.

happy wednesday!


  1. wow. i would have been so sad if I lost all my pics... glad you were able to get them back!
    cute comfy look. like the boots. ;)

  2. omg.i would have cried....i wanna know how you recovered them! and phew! thank goodness!

  3. I remember when my hard drive failed on me, my heart dropped! But lucky for as well I was able to recover my files. Close call!

  4. btw.. I got a pair of boots and wasn't sure what to do with the pant legs. I think I'll try rolling up like you did here. thanks!

  5. @pretty gossip i used to hem all my jeans...but now i'm into cuffing them! saves me money! and adds style! :)

  6. Lucky you! I can imagine how crazy you must have felt when you found out! You look great & your blog is really cool..

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  7. Cute outfit Jin! Looks great on you, but I think I look shorter with cuffed pants. Is there any way to elongate my legs when styling my jeans?