Wednesday, February 29, 2012

i'm addicted to pinterest!

hi, my name is jin and i'm a pinaholic! 
if there was such a thing as PA (pinterest anonymous), i would need to enroll myself! 
i find myself pinning during lunch, while i wait for my coffee, when i'm stuck at a traffic light, commercial breaks, before i go to bed, get the idea! all i know is...i have an addiction to pinning. 
i love how it's so quick & simple.
it's like having a scrapbook but 1000 times better!
no scissors, no glue! it's literally pinning - virtually, that is.

i have a board for beauty, fashion & food...OF COURSE!
come see my boards & follow if you like what i'm pinning.
if you have pinterest i would love to see what you're pinning, so please provide a link!
 happy pinning :) 


  1. following and pinning along as prettygossip!~

  2. I love your boards. Well, I kind of already knew I would before I even looked. I always forget about all the ways you can follow your favorite bloggers, so thank you for doing this Pinterest post - It was a nice reminder.