Friday, February 3, 2012

leather red velvet

leather jacket-gucci|gold tank-laundry by shelli segal|jeans-it!waxed jeans|boots-fendi|bag-givenchy

i have several leather jackets (here & here) but not one in this brick red color and definitely not one that's as detailed as this!

if it weren't for the velvet detail i probably wouldn't have gotten this jacket because it would look too masculine. but, the velvet trim which really softened the biker jacket is what sold me. 
the velvet trim is on the collar, front, back, sleeves and even inside the jacket! 

 the 'G' embroidery inside the jacket was the cherry on top! of course no one will know it's there unless i open up my jacket, but the hidden detail is what makes me really appreciate this jacket even more (and because it was gifted to me by a special someone)! i feel it's a secret between me and the jacket and of course now you :)

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happy friday!


  1. Adorable jacket! Love the jeans too. What do you mean by waxed jeans though?

  2. @CB thanks! the jeans have a wax coat on them. gives it a bit of a shiny texture/leather looking feel ;) hope that answers your questions.

  3. Holy Cow! That jacket and your hair colour is AMAZING!! I stumbled here from your comment on Tuula... so glad I did!! I make music, design fashion and doodle my art into a little corner of the blogging universe over at my blog :)

    ❤Morgan xx
    Muso & Fashion designer blogging @ MojoMade

  4. That jacket is just too gorgeous. Looks really good on you!