Monday, February 20, 2012

marni x h&m

(via fashionista)

h&m does it again!
it wasn't that long ago when the versace for h&m collection launched and here they go again with another great collaboration...marni! 
(i think this is my favorite collaboration next to lanvin)

marni's known for their elegant juxtaposition of bold prints, colors and textures not to mention their chunky jewelry pieces, which is exactly what they show cased for the their h&m collection. although this is a collaboration, the clothes, jewelry and shoes looks like the "real" marni and the best part is that it's affordable and won't break your bank! 

everything from the woman's wear, to menswear, shoes and statement jewelry pieces will be hitting stores march 8th. 
so if you liked what you saw mark your calendars!


  1. Wow, this collection looks amazing. I love all the pattern play and colors. Curious to see what it looks and feels like in person.

    Jin, I tried to leave a comment on your previous post (Black x Burgundy x White), but couldn't for some reason. I just wanted to say that I love the entire outfit, down to the last detail (little bit of lace peeking out from the shirt is perfect). The hat is the piece de resistance.

    Hope you're having a great three day weekend!

    1. i know! i'm sure marni will not disappoint! i hate waiting in line, but i think i may have to for this one!
      as for leaving a comment i'm not sure why you couldn't leave one on my last post :(
      but thank you for leaving one here :)

  2. Thanks Jin! I love Marni! Can't wait to check out their collection a H&M.