Monday, March 12, 2012

black phantom...{new possession}

blouse-zara|jeans-!item|oxfords-boutique from korea|bag-céline|bracelet-vintage & madewell|watch-michael kors

it's been awhile since i had an outfit post *shrug* 
work has been crazy busy and i've been going on mini trips (just got back from monarch beach) and never got the chance to be in front of the computer. but, i do have my phone with me at all times and am constantly putting up pictures on instagram from my day to day so follow me @herimajination. i don't have any trips scheduled in the near i'll be back to my routine!

in my last post i mentioned i brought back a souvenir. it should be pretty obvious from all the attention it got from the camera lens, but if you haven't guessed already it's the céline luggage phantom! this bag was on the top of my shopping list and let's just say, "mission accomplished!"  

ever since it's been in my possession i've been carrying it nonstop! so just warning you that i'll probably be wearing this with every outfit at least for the next couple of weeks.

well hope you all had a great weekend!  
happy monday! 


  1. I love your bag! The color is beautiful and I love the detailed braiding on the zipper attachment. You totally rocked this outfit down to the cute shoes.

    I like how you wear bangles and your watch all together. Would this work for everyone? I feel like my arms would look shorter.

    1. thanks CW!! i don't think anything can look bad with this bag. so i'll have to give the outfit credit to the phantom :)

      i think anyone could wear bangles! if you're not used to wearing too much arm bling...try building it up little by little. i started out with 1...and slowly started to build it up! i think i feel comfortable wearing up to 7 now!! if you're petite try sticking to slimmer bangles so you can wear multiple. hope this helps ;)

  2. LOVE it!!! i just got the Trapeze :) we need to catch up soon!!!!!!!

  3. Jin, head to toe, you're killing me with your amazing style! If you ever have yard sale...;) Congrats on the new handbag...Great choice. I love that you bought it in San Francisco too - A beautiful reminder of your trip. I also love that you always add a little something unexpected to your outfits. In this case, the cute silver shoes and black watch (instead of a gold one). Diggin' it.

    1. thanks theresa! i really have to hand it over to the bag on this one ;) and you're right! everytime i carry this bag it will remind me of sf!! not to mention...i already miss it! and if i ever have a yard sale i will most def let you know :)

  4. Love this look!!! I would wear this any day. And it looks even better with the SF background! :)

  5. love your new friend!!! :D and u look beautiful as always m'dear!


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