Friday, March 30, 2012


 when i bought my rose 1969 lightweight always skinny cropped jeans (worn here) i wasn't sure if i was going to wear them, but bought it anyway because i loved the color. but, once i wore them i really loved the look, so i went and bought another one in fuschia. when i brought it home i thought it was too pink, so i wanted to give it a bit of edge and thought giving accents of wax might do the trick.

pastel denim is a huge spring trend, so for those of you that only wear dark denim may not feel too comfortable sporting bright pastels. if that's you...i suggest you try out this d.i.y! 

all i did was rub the wax onto the places i wanted to have a darker waxy finish. it's kind of like coloring if you ask me. 

then, let it dry for 24 hours...and wah-lah

this d.i.y is super easy not to mention super fun
so if you have a pair of jeans that you want to give a little edge to (whether it's pastel or dark denim) try this out & share with me the result of your waxed denim by tweeting me @her_imajination

fyi...i used the otter wax because it was the only product that used all natural ingredients - high quality beeswax, plant based wax & oils. it also has a fresh lemon scent to it which goes to show that there are no toxins!


  1. What a cool diy idea! Definitely gives it an edgy twist to the denim!

  2. This is a great diy! I mean, who knew? I'm learning new tricks from you ;). Of course, the results are really nice. I can always appreciate a little edge.

    1. it's super easy! def try it out :) maybe you can even have your kids wax your jeans? it's non-toxic so it's kid safe ;)

  3. THANKS SOOOO MUCH love i was just literally wondering if this was even possible you're officially my savior



  4. Wow! Very Different colour jeans. It looks quite cool. Would love to have this.

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