Wednesday, March 21, 2012

lust vs must // metal toe cap

some call it cap toe...some call it toe cap. i'm not really sure which is correct, but what i do know is that it's EVERYWHERE. shoes were seen on the runway embellished with metal, glitter and patent and now a ton of diy's have been surfacing the web (via chriselle factor & green wedding shoes). 

with pastel being a huge trend for spring i found myself lusting over the louis vuitton merry-go-round pump in alligator from their spring/summer 2012 collection. i loved the mixture of the soft pastel yellow with the metal toe cap that gave it a bit of edge. 

as much as i would love to rock these on my would cost me a whopping $9,950!!!! they do carry the merry-go-round pump in leather (rose,blanc,marine) for $1,000...but that's still pretty steep. plus, after my last splurge i should probably lay low on the shopping. but, as an alternative...i did find a pair from zara for $129 that came pretty close to the pair of louis vuitton's (minus the alligator skin) and wouldn't put a dent in my wallet. not only does it have the metal toe cap but a metal stiletto! i'd have to say that that's not a bad looking shoe for $129! wouldn't you agree?  

happy wednesday! 


  1. Those are some fierce shoes! Of course, I'm all sorts of curious to see how you would style them. It would be good, I'm sure.

  2. your blog is soo cute i am a new follower! i must say the two toned zara capped are the best, just because it has animal print and you can never go wrong with animal :)

  3. Nice shoes!

  4. OMG! So funny, i just bought these not too long ago!! ;)