Wednesday, July 11, 2012


new iPhone case from society6 designed by paperfashion (already have my eye on this one)

affogato with sweet rose creamery cinnamon ice cream! the cinnamon ice cream made it taste
like cappuccino! it was delish!!

posing in front of the beautiful backdrop of big sur

wearing my favorite black & gold accessories. been getting lots of compliments on these sandals.
they are 50% off here 

 currently drinking a cup of cafe du monde in the morning. love the richness!

current wallpaper on my iphone....loved the tractor surrounded by the wild flowers  

 last breakfast in carmel...chicken hash

 driving down pch from carmel. never got tired of looking out the window...the drive was 
so beautiful 

 breakfast...boiled egg with truffle salt *nom*

 cheese plate at cafe stella

 frosted gradient gold tips
let me know if you would like a tutorial :)

 getting a trim at the hive

lately...i've been falling in love with stripes all over again 

 korean bbq with grilled pineapples! genius combo!

 my favorite necklace layering...

 pebble beach's rolex clock

 pebble beach...breathtaking view 

 quick stop to bloomies while enjoying some froyo during my lunch break

 quick insta-shot in the car on my way to a wedding

 palm of many reasons why i heart california

big sur....looks beautiful from every angle

i've been a bit m.i.a...
i got thursday & friday off from work after july 4th (i was one of the lucky ones) and decided to take a break from my computer.
i have a 24/7 relationship with my computer and needed to step away for a few days...

during my short vacation i took a trip up to carmel and came back rejuvenated.  

one thing i cannot seem to detach myself from is...instragram-ing
if you already follow me, you know what i've been up to.
but for those that don't...yet, i just wanted to give a snip bit of what i've been eating, where i've been going, what i've been wearing, etc...
follow me @herimajination to see what i'm up to :)

p.s. stay tuned for some cute outfit posts!


  1. yes tutorial on the golden tips! I LOVE your insta, its prob one of my faves to look at- because it's hard to believe that some (ok many) of your pictures were just taken with your iphone- loved the most recent ones they looked like postcards!!! seriously!! Also you always eat like a queen. Im always drooling over your foodie pics!! xx

  2. Super cute photos! Loving your necklace layering and nails!


  3. The gold tipped nails are amazing and I absolutely love your instagram photos.

  4. I love those two shots of you in Big Sur and on the way to the wedding. So pretty.
    Happy you were able to step away and enjoy this amazing road trip. Big Sur, Carmel, Pebble Beach...All of it looks so beautiful. Can't wait for the new outfit posts.
    PS~Nail tutorial. Yes, please.