Wednesday, August 15, 2012


i have a few more days till cabo (2 days to be exact! wohoo!).
i've been doing some last minute shopping for the trip, but i've also been trying to find beauty products that will last in the heat! so, i've been on the hunt for some beach/heat proof makeup so i don't have makeup melting off my face! 

i came across a few i liked and wanted to share them with you.  
it's been pretty hot here in LA so i was able to give these products a test run before cabo. 

the most important thing to remember with makeup in the heat is that less is best! so my #1 tip other than sunblock is...make sure that you don't have layers and layers of makeup on! keep it light and simple! now onto the products...

the #1 most important base for your face is sunscreen...then comes the coverage (if needed). my usual routine is sunscreen, primer then foundation which is 3 layers! in the summer it's best to avoid having layer and layers of product on your face.
the best thing about the too faced beauty balm is that it contains all three! which is probably why they call it "beauty balm" rather than "blemish balm." plus! i think it has a better ring to it :) 
i'm not quite sure what it is with bb creams, but it tends to hold up in the heat really well and still gives you that dewy fresh look.  

for the eyes, without waterproof eyeliner & mascara you are bound to end up with raccoon eyes (ew!). so, make sure you apply waterproof eyeliner & mascarai found the maybelline colossal mascara to work really well and to hold up against the heat.  
i use the maybelline colossal mascara as an eyeliner & mascara. yes! it's a bit strange to use mascara as an eyeliner, but it does wonders! plus you don't have to buy a separate waterproof eyeliner! double win, right?
to use the mascara as an eyeliner just take an angled eyeliner brush and pick up some of the mascara and apply it onto your eyes how you would normally apply your eyeliner. then, apply the mascara from the root and swipe upward.  

cheeks // benefit posie tint
in the heat you want to avoid powder blush because it can get cakey with sweat. cheek stains and tints tend to last longer and looks natural since the stain soaks into your skin. 

lipgloss is not a good look during the summer because it can look like color is melting off your lips. i've been sticking to the lips stains all summer long. my favorite is the revlon just bitten lip stain! what's best about the lips stains is that i only have to apply it maybe twice a day. so, i like how the color stays on with minimal touchups.   

the bronzer is optional, but if you want the 'kissed by the sun' look on your face apply the bronzer on the spots where the sun would naturally hit your face (forehead, cheekbones, top of the nose, jawline, temples) with a powder brush.   

finishing powder // makeup forever microfinish powder  
this is one product i swear by! if i don't apply this on my face in the face is shining (not in a good way) by noon. this helps to matte your face and sets your makeup in place as. what i love most about this powder is that it's so fine and has no color that even when it's reapplied it doesn't make your face look cakey. this is a beauty must have!

sorry for being so wordy, but i hope this was helpful! 

p.s. a girl can never have too many beauty tips, so if you have "beach/heat proof" tips please do share!


  1. Thank you for the tips, Jin. I've been looking for a good BB cream. I got my sister in law to search for one when she was back in Seoul but it wasn't flattering on me. Felt really awful about it as she dragged the poor kids all over town searching for the elusive BB cream for me.

  2. I use the same colossal mascara, but never thought to use it as an eyeliner! What a great tip! I'm going to try that, thanks so much!

  3. Jin, thank you so much for these tips and product recommendations. When the weather heats up, I tend not to wear any makeup because the heat already weighs me down. However, these products above seem light and not at all heavy.

  4. I am going to Cancun in two weeks! These were great tips that seem really helpful. Thank you!!

  5. What color is the just bitten lip stain?

  6. What color is the just bitten lip stain?

  7. What color Nars bronzer? There are three different ones. Thanks!