Tuesday, August 28, 2012

cabo san lucas

i know it's a bit past due...but i wanted to share some photos from my cabo trip! 

these pictures look so relaxing, don't they? well, let me tell you...before we got to "paradise" it was utter chaos. we arrived at the hotel and was told that there was no water and the electricity was out!!! i thought it was a scam, but unfortunately it wasn't. so after 2 hours of trying to book another hotel and a very bumpy 40 minute car ride we finally arrived in paradise - pueblo bonita pacifica resort & spa. i highly recommend this place! 

i was a bit bummed we wasted an entire day trying to figure out our hotel situation when we could have been at the pool. but, we definitely made the most of it the 2nd day. we sipped on yummy cocktails (pina colada's to be exact) and soaked up the sun for 5 hours straight! it was nice to do absolutely n-o-t-h-i-n-g!

with summer coming to an end it was nice to squeeze in a mini summer vacay. 


  1. what a lovely trip. um i love those heart sunnies. too cute, but perfect. xO!

  2. So dreamy...This resort looks fantastic. Sorry to hear about the other hotel debacle. Good thing you were able to find another hotel and quickly get yourself to the pool. Doing nothing sounds SO good right about now.

  3. LOVE! My next destination on my list is Mexico!

  4. These photos makes me want to go back to cabo... glad you had a good time. :)

  5. Jealous of your travels! I've yet to go to Cabo xx

  6. I'm pleased that your trip ended on a positive note. Whatever trouble you went through was worth it - judging by the photos. What I'd give to lie on one of the 4 poster beds!

  7. I love Cabo! Your photos are beautiful. Oh well, at least you had a relaxing week.

    xo Jo