Wednesday, August 8, 2012

instagram @herimajination

//neiman marcus//
love going here, but always puts a dent in my wallet. just treated myself to a little something. will share soon!!

//favorite thing to do over the weekend is making breakfast//
waffles with blueberries, potatoes and veggie bacon (surprisingly tastes like real bacon!)

//my new hello kitty key//
so much better than a boring old gold/silver keys

taking a break from work on a hot summer day for some froyo!

//makeup routine//
currently my favorite things to wear on the face...stila tinted moisturizer, topshop lipstick (brighton rock), nars (gaiety), chanel eye palette, makeup forever (micro finish power

//healthy eats//
trying to eat no carbs until my trip to cabo!
this is going to be really tough since i l-o-v-e noodles, bread and rice! 

//us open//
went out to huntington beach to watch some surfers

special delivery from sf! one of the best coffee in sf! yes...i'm a coffee snob :P

//weekend brunch//
brunching at one of my favorite spots in stella. their service isn't so great, but their ricotta pancakes are delicious & so is the grilled vegetable plate for you vegetarians out there!

you can't have brunch without some bubbly, right?!?!

//soakin' up the sun//
laying on the beach with some good music is one of my favorite things to do during the summertime. note to self...need to do more often!

//nightly routine//
mix a little bit of ole henriksen truth revealed super creme & josie maran argan oil in your palm and then apply it to my face. in the morning you'll wake up with a glow! definitely a dynamic duo i can't live without!

//cold noodles//
i crave this during the summertime! the corner place has the the best cold noodles. *nom* 

//casa del mar//
went to a wedding over the weekend and was obsessed with these gorgeous chandeliers

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happy wednesday!


  1. I love your instagram photos! :o) btw, we have the same weakness for carbs. I give you mad props for taking on a no carb diet for 10 days. Crazy!!!

  2. Well, I follow you on Instagram and somehow I missed some of these. So glad you did a recap otherwise I would have missed all this goodness. Can't wait to see what you purchased at NM! Yes, a Hello Kitty key is infinitely better than a silver/gold one. I've been hearing nothing but good things about the Josie Maran argan oil...Must look into it.
    Ok, good luck with the no-carb. Just think how good you're going to feel after it's all done. Go, Jin!

  3. love your photos, i don't think i can do the no carbs you are a soldier!!!!!!! xO!

  4. I follow you on Instagram and I just wanna say... your pictures always make me want to eat! How do you stay in such a girly shape with everything you eat?! :)