Friday, August 24, 2012

louboutin // new possession

i picked these up from neiman marcus a couple weeks ago. 
i haven't taken these beauties out for a stroll yet.
they are still in the box and i take them out of the box time to time and wear them around the house. 

but, i still can't seem to decide if i want to keep them or not. they are a beauty from every angle. so, i don't know what's stopping me from wanting to keep them!
i love how it's classy and sexy.
the low cut asymmetrical 'v' gives just the right amount of toe cleavage! maybe the price tag is making me hesitant? but, they are louboutins, which is totally expected! 

please help! 
to keep? or not to keep?
i want your honest opinion!

happy friday!


  1. These are gorgeous! and i love the nude color and asymmetrical cut!

  2. im obsessed with toe cleavage- don't think im weird but i love it. i also love how the v cut is a little off center to the sides- these shoes are a keeper jin youll def miss them!!!! I know i would!!!

  3. Those are awesome! I would definitely keep them

  4. Sexy new shoes. It's the perfect nude. Congratulations :)

  5. They are beautiful, that's for certain! Just think the nude color will go with everything, and the asymmetrical shape gives the shoe an nice unexpected detail. This is what I tell my husband (he's the big spender in our family): If you're absolutely sure you're going to wear them, then keep. ;)

  6. They're such beautiful heels! I guess when it comes to shoes, I'd only keep ones that are comfortable. I have very low tolerance for pain when it involves my feet.