Wednesday, August 1, 2012

queen mary

dress - by marlene birger | purse - chanel vintage | shoes - emporio armani

every weekend there's been one wedding after another (here's one at the yacht club). speaking of...i have another one to attend this weekend! 

i do love going to weddings though! it's the perfect excuse to see all my friends and to get dressed up! plus it's the day you get to see your friends getting married to their loved ones! 

i decided to put my hair up for this outfit because the embellishment over the shoulder was the focal point of this dress. i definitely didn't want to cover it up!
random....but i just noticed that i'm twins with the queen marry!

hope everyone is having a lovely week! 


  1. loving your top!


  2. That dress is stunning! Good call on the up do...That totally makes sense. You're funny, I didn't notice the similarity with your outfit and the Queen Mary. Great catch. I definitely remember that time in my life when we were attending back to back weddings. Great memories. Enjoy and have fun, Jin!

    1. haha. i didn't notice until i was creating this post!

  3. you are so prettty
    i can't even wow stunning :)
    just went to the queen mary today!

    xx candace from [ aphrodite blue ]
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  4. thanks candace! so sweet of you!
    hope you had a good time at the queen mary today!

  5. so stunning, as usual i love the entire outfit, and of course the vintage chanel is droolworthy!!! xO!

  6. I love the details on your dress. I give this outfit two thumbs up! ;o)

  7. You look gorge! Love the top on you and I agree that going to weddings is the perfect excuse to play dress up.