Friday, September 28, 2012

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//one of my favorite spots to eat in echo park//
i'm not vegetarian, but i crave this place from time to time! my favorite is their ice cream. i usually get 'clean green' with the salted caramel date sauce *nom*

//stumptown & karen walkers//
i love me some good coffee!
i made sure i had at least one cup every morning in portland!
hopefully stumptown comes to la soon *crossing fingers*

//zara tote//
this tote has been my go to bag monday - friday! 
it fit's my laptop which makes it perfect for work!

//fake bacon//
one of my favorite thing to eat in the morning!
best part about this is that i can eat as much of it as i want and not feel guilty!

//downtown la//

//korean bbq//
one thing i cannot live without is korean food!
thank goodness LA has the best korean restaurants! 

//zara tote & nikon//
even on the weekends i'm inseparable with this bag! 
my other inseparable nikon!

i loved exploring portland on a bike!
totally recommend staying at the ace hotel where the bike rentals are free!

picked me up a pair of new running shoes while i was in portland.
i still haven't taken them out for a spin...
can you guess which color i got?

//la mill//
a couple weekends ago i found my new favorite drink at la mill...
the hong kong milk tea!
totally going this weekend to satisfy my craving!

*for more photos follow me @herimajination*

hope everyone is ready for the weekend!

thanks for visiting!
happy friday!


  1. love all the photos! have a great weekend love! xO!

  2. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it!

  3. Amazing post!!
    Would you like to follow each other?! :)


  4. The sneaker craze has gone beyond IM wedge ones. I'm so pleased that the focus is now on more comfortable shoes as seen on the fashionistas at the Fashion Week.


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