Friday, October 12, 2012

real leather vs. faux leather

leather pants, jackets, tops...pretty much anything that has the word "leather" can easily break your bank. 

i've had leather pants on my wishlist, but haven't covet it yet  because of their high price tag. they can easily run between $500~$1000 (i really want these rag & bone pants or victoria beckham leggings)!

here's a couple leather jackets & tops i wish i could add to my closet, but sadly they will forever remain on my wishlist...

1. blazer - helmut lang ($995) 2. pleated leather trim jacket - alexander wang ($750) 3. combo cardigan- thakoon ($730) 4. crepe leather tee - rebecca taylor ($350)

BUT...i was able to find a more affordable version in faux leather from zara! best part is that they are all UNDER $100!! don't you think they look pretty darn close to the one's high end designers?  

for fall, leather is a must-have, but not everyone can splurge! thank goodness for faux leather, right?! 

if you can't splurge on leather i highly recommend faux leather. the quality has gotten a lot better over the past couple of years! they don't feel like plasticy leather (aka 'pleather') anymore. 

happy friday!


  1. so agree- zara's faux leather seems sooo amaze. I love zara and can't stay away because they NAIL designer look alikes to the T, and the prices are so awesome.


  2. I am really loving the look of leather when used as an accent/trim and paired with cotton, like that Zara tee shirt above. It's perfect. Thanks for sourcing and sharing the affordable versions - So very helpful!