Monday, February 11, 2013

cabo photo diary

here is a collection of some of the photos i took while i was out in mexico, los cabos. i was out there for a wedding, but since the festivity started on thursday it felt like a mini vacation. the weather was perfect and it was nice to have a change in wardrobe to wear sandals, colorful arm candy, shorts, summer dresses, etc. 

if you are somewhere where it's cold...hope this photo diary virtually brought you some sunshine! 
well, we still have a couple months to go, but spring is almost near! until then....stay warm!

p.s. stay tuned for my outfit posts from this trip. 

happy monday


  1. love these photos, you look like you had an amazing time!!! love the sheer throw you have on with your swim suit and that blk and white photo= WOW!! you are so pretty! xO!

  2. wow! great photos!i need to go to cabo!
    i love all ur sunnies! so sad about the one you lost!

  3. WOW WOW WOW!!!!! Really GREAT Pics!!! I love this!!!

  4. Jealous of all your travels, girl! Beautiful photos from Cabo xx

  5. WOW! What a great pictures!!Beautiful place it is :) Really love your blog, it's very interesting xx
    You have a new follower:)

  6. These are amazing photos! Beautiful place and so many greatful colors!