Thursday, February 14, 2013

phillip lim fall 2013

the name of his fall collection is "sono mama" which means "as you are" in japanese. 
his inspiration behind this collection was "girlfriends of bikers." i've never seen a girl get off a motorcycle looking so fabulous, but in phillip lim's world they sure do! i can totally see "his" vision about how a girlfriend of a biker would transform her outfits from day to night.

i especially loved how the crossbody of the purses were a bit shorter than usual. it's like the girls were wearing a shoulder bag and was jumping on the bike and needed to wear it as a crossbody to secure the bag from rolling off her shoulder. i can totally see the short crossbody's becoming a trend. 
and those moto jackets & knee high boots!!! i definitely want (or need) them for fall! 

phillip stole me heart once again. 

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