Thursday, April 4, 2013


these 2 beauty products are a must in my morning beauty routine. 

in the morning i splash on some of the rose water onto my freshly washed face.
i love the smell of roses that lingers on my face. it feels like waking up to a bed of roses.
i mean. . . .what girl doesn't like waking up to fresh flowers?
what's great about this is that it comes with a spritzer so you can use it on your linens.
i sometimes spray it onto my bed sheets. talk about a bed full of roses, literally!
(ppsst~ if you still haven't found a gift for mom, this would be a great mother's day gift)

i love all of josie maran's products. if you haven't tried her stuff yet, i highly recommend them.
what i love about the josie maran daily moisturizer is of course the argan oil, which does
all kinds of goodness to your skin: repairs and reverses damage caused by the sun, improves skintone and fights signs of aging! also, i love how it keeps my skin moisturized, but not oily. 
i never succeeded in finding a sunscreen that works well with my makeup, but this is a
great alternative to a primer and works w-o-n-d-e-r-s underneath makeup.
oh and it smells good too!

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  1. sounds so luxurious! i must try the rose water! do they sell that at sephora or just the website you linked?

    1. sephora doesn't carry it. there is a santa maria novella store on melrose place though ;)

  2. i don't know why but i'm still afraid of slathering oil on my face x_x. i really want to try that josie maran argan oil though.