Wednesday, July 31, 2013

coveting // slingback glove sandal

today would have been my 2nd "wedding wednesday" post
(here's my first one in case you've missed it), but i got sick over the weekend.
i wanted to let you all in on my beautiful bridal shower my bridesmaids threw me. 
i promise i'll share it with you all next week. 
so, stay tuned for my next post on my bridal shower!!

well, since i'm under the weather, what's a better remedy than some online "eye" shopping! 
i love these slingbacks with the gold detail and the chunky heel.
just like the name of it, i can see my foot fitting into it like a glove
i can see myself wearing this through the summer and even into the fall!

with my wedding coming up. . .
i need to keep my focus on wedding shoes, but i keep getting distracted!
is this normal?


  1. AMAZING shoes! I'm coveting a similar pair myself! I would love if you could take a look at my blog xx

  2. Love these - they look comfy too.

  3. Pretty shoes will always be distracting! Don't sweat it!

    Kate from Clear the Way