Wednesday, October 9, 2013

wedding wednesday // secret pinterest board revealed

over the course of planning my wedding, i've been using pinterest for my mood board. any time i would come across something that inspired me i would pin it! i came a bit obsessed and have accumulated over 500 pins!!! i've pinned inspos for hair, table settings, favors, floral arrangements. . .you name it. . . i've pinned it!

all i can say is that it came super handy when i was in need for some inspiration.
 so, for those of you future brides planning a wedding i highly recommend you start a pinterest board pronto!

i'm pretty open with my fashion, but i wanted to keep my wedding planning under the radar until my BIG day. Now that I'm married I wanted to share some of my inspirations. 

i'm sorry, i've kept this board a secret...
but, today, i am revealing my wedding inspiration board!
so, go on over and explore!


1 comment:

  1. Thanks for posting your board up, Annie! It's so inspirational and helpful :)