Monday, February 27, 2017


my hair isn't easy to manage so i need A LOT of help. 
thanks to some of the hair tools and products that keep my main mane tamed! 


dry shampoo is my LIFESAVER
for 2-3 day old hair, i always rely on my IGK Jet Lag Invisible dry shampoo before styling.
it not only does the job of cleansing, but it softens and adds texture without leaving any residue.  
i'm so dependent on it that i even have this travel size one in my car in case i my hair feels flat 
and i need a little boost. 


my hair does a pretty good job at holding in curls, but you can never go wrong with a little extra hold. 
that's when i spritz a few sprays of the OUAI wave sprayit's gives the perfect amount of hold where you can still tousle your hair. and the smell? so good! the combination of lemon, amber and musk is out of this world!  


i'd rather squeeze in more Zzz time in the AM, so i usually wash my hair at night and air dry it 
before jumping in bed. but, the rare days i shower in the morning i rely on the T3 Featherweight
Luxe2i to quickly dry my hair while giving a healthy blow dry with a frizz free and glossy finish. 
sounds too good to be true, right? 


ever since i started coloring my hair i always make sure to protect my hair. 
when blow drying my hair i always apply the Marula Oil's styling cream to my damp hair to condition, protect and prep my hair for styling.  


With my hair growing longer, I've been wearing my hair straight more often that i used to. 
And the days that I go straight, the T3 SinglePass Straightning Iron gets the job done!
With one quick pass it eliminates frizz and gives me a nice silky straight strand. 
Plus, I'm in love with the white and rose gold combo! Unlike most straighteners, it's looks so beautiful on the bathroom counter. 

Well, there you have it! These are my secret weapons to styling my hair. If you have any secret weapons 
for your hair that I MUST try please share -- leave a comment below! 

Happy Monday. 

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